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GAS 2012

Roberto Dani (IT)

Roberto Dani was born in Vicenza, Italy in 1969.
He began playing drums at the age of 9. Between '89 and '92, he recorded with the "Devil Doll", a rock-progressive band which reached the highest recognition in Europe, South Korea and Japan.
Between '92 and '93, he took part at various percussion projects of music by European composers, folk music bands.
In '94, he won a scholarship and spent some months at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he collaborated with the best-known teachers like Hal Crook, George Garzone and started to collaborate with the Finnish piano player Mika Pohjola with whom he toured Europe, USA, Japan and recorded for various broadcasting companies like YLE (Finland), SR (Sweden) and BBC Wal...

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Philip Jeck (US)

Philip Jeck (born 1952) is an English multimedia composer and choreographer from Liverpool. He is perhaps best known for his work Vinyl Requiem with Lol Sargent (a performance for 180 Dansette record players, 12 slide-projectors and 2 movie-projectors) which won the Time Out Performance Award in 1993. He is signed to the UK label Touch.

Philip Jeck studied Visual Arts at Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England. He began exploring composition using record players and electronics in the early 1980s. He has performed solo shows throughout Europe and in Japan and USA. He has composed and performed scores for dance and theatre companies including Anatomy Performance Co., Yolande Snaith Theatre-dance, Movie'n'Opera (Vienna), Laur...

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Sidsel Endresen (NO)

Sidsel Endresen (born June 19, 1952) is a Norwegian jazz singer from Oslo, Norway. She is one of those creative vocal artists who are extremely difficult to describe properly.

Her music often has some electronic backing, some jazz elements, some folk elements, some non-mainstream-pop elements, and an experimental flavour but doesn’t fall into the styles of music usually called experimental. She has a deep, haunting voice and she sings music full of ripples of sound, connotation, and allusion.

Sidsel Endresen has been active in the Norwegian music scene since the early 80's. All the time she had been leaping between genres generating a profile spanning from multimedia performances to symphonic music. She have soloed ...

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