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Klubb Dislocated

Beneath Six

As Humanity Devastates

EP "Depict The Signs" out right now on Spotify!



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From Zero to Hero

Forgetting the Memories

We Depart

Exist to Exist

Exist To Exist was originally started as a side project by Simon and Jonathan (former members of Mictian) in Dec 2008. -We were talking about starting a new band with a new concept and started recoding some material that later became "Inner Torment" and "Not Until I Die" The projekt was set to the side for a year and in Nov 2009, Christoffer joined the band as base guitarist. We started rehearsing at Huset in Huddinge (Stockholm). We still needed a Vocalist and searched for one, it led into the finding of another guitarist, Jimmy, he started as lead guitarist in E.T.E Jan 2010. The search for a Vocalist continued without result until we found Anders, that now more deal with the lead vocals. To be continued...


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