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With roots in both catchy and extreme music plus an unhealthy obsession with errors and variation, Goto80 delivers eclectic music based on 8-bit technology. During 15 years he has released hundreds of songs on vinyl, CD’s, cassettes and floppy disks but also for movies, games and art projects. Starting in the demoscene, he gained recognition outside of geek culture in 2001 with the Papaya EP. He’s on a never ending mission to look beyond the video game romantics and explore genres such as ambient, breakcore, country, schlager and jazz, although Goto80 is often recognized for the melodic pop songs. In 2007 he played 40 shows and made 20 releases including the CD-album Made On Internet. More info and downloads at Re...

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nordloef takes his background in punk rock bands and his love for electronic music to create melodic, upbeat pop songs while at the same time squeezing out as much music as possible from the limited hardware of the Nintendo Game Boy.

nordloef has toured and played in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden and has played at all kinds of shows ranging from secret clubs in farms to techno parties in forests.

nordloef's live shows are best described as a mixture between a one-man punk show and a sweaty DJ set. But instead of using two turntables, he uses two original Game Boys. nordloef uses the softwares Live mode and rearranges the songs on the spot. The Game Boys outputs are ...

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KOEFF is Johanna Rosenqvist (b 1971), currently living and working at home in KLAUSTROSTUDIO, Malmö, Sweden.

There she is making a great deal of noise by vacuum cleaning, food mixing or sometimes standing screaming by her old KORG synthesisers – always seriously amplified and heavily leaden with delay and distortion provided by her handy little colourful guitar effect boxes.
KOEFF came to light as a solo project while Johanna was also involved with the hard core disco industrial, power electronics duo INSTITUT (now a solo project by Lirim Cajani). Musicwise she is proud to be an autodidact, educated only on the city streets of Malmö or in the crowded smalltown communal music studios of Mjölby and Norrköping.


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