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Allocation (BE)

Allocation is a band from Belgium playing heavy late 90s hardcore.
New 7" coming on Demon Spawn Records.

For fans of 108, Breach, Integrity, Pulling Teeth,... Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Heksed (UK)

HEKSED is a hardcore band from Oslo, Norway
Introducing a darker sound and a occult theme to the mix.
HEKSED is signed to TDON and has released a Self Titled release in 2011.

OcN - Vocals
JK - Guitar
Johannes - Guitar
Jonas - Drums
Jon Ø - Bass

for fans of: Young and in the Way , Rise and Fall , Crossbreaker , Grieved , Hexis , Hang the Bastard , Deafheaven , Celeste , Runes , Gold Kids , Pulling Teeth , The Banner , Worms Feed , End Reign , Lavotchkin , Harm's Way , Abraxis , Pale Creation , Rot In Hell , Integrity , All Pigs Must Die , Trap Them , Brutality Will Prevail , Withdrawal , Oathbreaker , Full of Hell , Sundowning , Downfall of Gaia , Enabler a.o.
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Always War

Born Rejected