Östen med Resten

Östen med Resten (Östen and the rest) is a musical group from the Hälsingland province (Sweden) that plays acoustic music. The musical roots is found in the Swedish folk music.

The group was formed in 1985. It was Lasse Berghagen that gave them the name Östen med Resten, which was a variation for Östen Warnerbring's nickname Östen med rösten (Östen with the voice). Östen med Resten got national fame when they got to lead SVT:s café show from the city Sundsvall in the beginning of the 1990's.

The members are: Jens Kristensen, Östen Eriksson, Staffan Lindfors and Gunnar Morén.

Ex-members: Nisse Damberg (violin), Peppe Lindholm (drums) och Bengt Jansson (accordion).
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