0 X Í S T (FI)

0 X í S T, as for zero exist, is a dark metal band from Riihimäki, Finland. The band was formed in 2008.

0 X í S T's first CDEP Unveiling the Shadow World was released in April 2010 on Ostra Records. Right after the EP release 0 X í S T played their first live shows in southern Finland and Estonia.

In August and September 2010 the band recorded a demo with two new tracks. A limited demo-CDr edition (100 copies) was released to prepare 0xíst’s first full-length album release.

Debut album Nil was recorded during the spring 2011. In October the band toured in Finland with Pantheist(UK). 0xíst continued playing live in the spring 2012 and did their first shows in Lithuania.

Nil was released on De...

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