120 Days (NO)

120 Days found each other in Kristiansund, Norway, but decided if they ever were to reach out to a larger audience they'd need to move to another town. And so they pooled their money, bought an RV and drove it to Oslo and lived rent-free (you don't have to pay rent for the sidewalk) creating music in their tight-quarters studio/mobile home.

Imagine a handful of NEU!, Spacemen 3 and XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream obsessed kids hanging in an RV in a city that sees periods of darkness that last for weeks on end. Then 120 Days makes a lot more sense.

The band plays hypnotic electro-rock with dark memories of Joy Divison and riffs that are New Order worthy.

In 2004, then known as The Beautiful People (changed the...

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