A Balladeer

a balladeer is a Dutch band, built around frontman Marinus de Goederen, that makes melancholic ballads and catchy popsongs. After their debut-EP 'Rumor Had It' (4 tracks, 2004) began the long process of making their first album, for a long time without a record company and with their own money. Ronald Vanhuffel (Bløf) produced the album. Peter Slager (Bløf) played bass and Robert Kirby (Nick Drake, Elton John, Paul Weller) made the string arrangements.

Eventually they were signed by EMI and album 'Panama' hit the stores May 2006 and debuted at 30. Three singles were released; 'Swim With Sam' (May '06),'Fortune Teller' (August '06) and 'Robin II' (February '07). In September 2006 they were surprisingly nominated for a TMF Aw...

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