Aavikko (FI)

Aavikko is a Finnish synth music band, formed in Siilinjärvi in 1995. Their hallmarks include a campy, decidedly "East European" style and plastic-sounding synthesizer themes. The band themselves call their style "muysic" (a portmanteau of "mystic" and "music"); their motto is "We play - you dance!".

They're probably most famous for their song Viitostie, which is strongly influenced by Kraftwerk (the name is a reference to "Autobahn": "Viitostie" is a major highway in Finland, also, perhaps coincidentally, one that passes through Siilinjärvi).

Current lineup:

Tomi Kosonen, keyboards and saxophone
Tomi Leppänen, drums and electric percussion
Paul Staufenbiel, keyboards (1999-)

Former m...

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