1.) Not to be confused with the successful Australian AC/DC cover band, this Stockholm spoof AC/DC style outfit is the side project of a collection of noted Swedish musicians including ex-Treat and Abstrakt Algebra vocalist Mats Levén ('Braijan'), ex-Easy Action guitarist Björn Påhlsson ('Nalcolm') and top session drummer Nicco Wallin ('Flint'). They would be joined by bassist Jim Gustavsson ('Clim') and second guitarist Bengt Ljungberger ('Bengus'). First product would be a 1986 EP 'Victims Of Rock' on the Do-Ri-Mi label. RCA Records issued the 1992 album 'The Rock n' Roll Devil', this notably featuring the Yngwie Malmsteen themed 'Bengus' Bomb (Faster Than Yngwie!)'. The band savaged the famous fretster again on 1995's 'Cut The Crap' w...

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