Abandoned By Bears

Abandoned By Bears is an easycore (generally a mix of pop punk and mealcore/hardcore) out of Gothenburg / Malmö, Sweden. Started up back in 2012, the band consists of Fredric Andersson and Leon on vocal duties, Alex Olsson and Jake Devinder on guitars, Gustav Eriksson on the bass, and Zeb Simonsson doing drums.

At that time they were unsigned, but that hasn’t stopped them from putting out some music! On March 4th, 2013, the band put out their debut single, Speechless? , shortly followed by their debut EP, Bear-Sides, on March 24th of the same year. They released 2 more singles that year, Don’t Leave Me Hanging, Bro!, on May 5th and, Happy Ending, on August 19th. Exactly a year later, the band put out their second EP, When Not...

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