Electric Banana Band

Electric Banana Band (E.B.B.) is a Swedish children's music/rock music band formed in 1980 as a spin off to the success of the childrens tv-show Trazan & Banarne (1977-1980).
The band is fronted by the show characters Lasse Åberg (Trazan) and Klasse Möllberg (aka. Klas Möllberg as Banarne and Hemliga Arne) and the internationally recognized studio guitarist Janne Schaffer (Zebran).

Being mainly a band of studio musicians they still perform occasionally long after the series ended, doing occasional touring at free events as a popular extra gig to their other careers.

Some more of the members of E.B.B.:
Stefan Blomqvist - keyboards
Mårgan Höglund - drums
Pablo Cepeda - percussion
Thobias Gabr...

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