Karlstad's retro-Metal act GEHENNAH made their presence known via two now infamous demos 1993's subtly titled 'Kill' and the following year's 'Brilliant Loud Overlords Of Destruction'. The band had emerged as a quartet comprising vocalist Mr. Violence, guitarist Garm Stringburner, bass player Ronnie 'Ripper' Olsson and Captain Cannibal on the drums, this unit starting out as a VENOM covers act. That same year Olsson had issued a demo, 'Grim Clouds', from his solo Black Metal project GRINNING MOON.

During mid 1994 Cannibal opted out, being superseded by Micke Birgersson (a.k.a. 'Hellcop'). A deal with Primitive Art Records was struck for the 'Hardrocker' album, recorded over the Christmas period of 1994. The release party for t...

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