Oumou Sangaré (ML)

Oumou Sangaré (born 25 February 1968 in Bamako) is a Malian wassoulou musician, sometime referred to as "The Songbird of Wassoulou". Wassoulou is descended from traditional hunting songs, and is accompanied by a calabash. Many of Sangaré's songs concern love and marriage, especially freedom of choice in marriage. Her 1989 Moussoulou album was an unprecedented West African hit. In 1995, she toured with Baaba Maal, Femi Kuti and Boukman Eksperyans. Other albums include Ko Sira (1993), Worotan (1996), and a 2-CD compilation Oumou (2004), all released on Nonesuch Records.

Oumou's latest album "Seya"(Joy), released in 2009, has taken around two or three years to come to fruition. "I choose my songs very carefully. I learn how to pu...

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