Sista Sekunden

Sista Sekunden is a Swedish hardcore outfit with a punkrock soul, residing in Malmö. They started out in April 2005. Sista Sekunden is all about positive hardcore, high fidelity, harmonies, intensity, laughs, raw punk, tube distortion and short songs. Singing in the swedish mother tounge feels more sincere. Apart from Sista Sekunden, members also play in Satanic Surfers, Ett Liv Kvar, Skitkids, The Confession, Intensity, Flyktplan, Kontrovers, 32DOR and more projects. They play fast and positive hardcore with tongue in cheek lyrics.

Demo. CDR (45 copies) 2005
Demo w new cover. CDR (?? copies) 2005
2006. CD (1000 copies) 2006
2006. LP (500 copies) 2008
2006. LP repress (500 copies) 2009
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