The Satelliters

Starting in 1993 as a Teen-Trash-Band the SATELLITERS soon started to develop their own interpretations from trashy to originated 60s influenced sounds.
Soon the band started playing live on a regular base.
Even the line-up-changes over the years couldnt stop the guys from going on with their uncompromising way in sound and live-appearances.
The band toured in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and the US-westcoast twice.
They performed at festivals such as FESTIVAL BEAT in Italy, GUTTER ISLAND in Denmark, PURPLE WEEKEND & EURO YE YE in Spain, CAVESTOMP! in New York/ USA, DIONYSUS DEMOLITION DERBY in Los Angeles /USA, COSMIC TRIP in France and many more.
Sharp dressed and e...

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