There are some bands who go by the name of Tristess:

1) Tristess is a Punk-Rock / Hardcore band from Sweden. First album "Vad Ska Vi Bli?" was out in 2004 by CMF.
Tristess started a couple of years ago in Teg, Umeå. At first they played old school Swedish hardcore in the veins of Bedrövlerz and AntiCimex. No metal, just hardcore. They recorded two demo tapes and played a some chaotic shows in Umeå. Later they got tired of the D-beat stuff and started playing some kind of Swedish punk rock like Incest Brothers, Glo and Kriminella Gitarrer. The first Tristess record "Vad ska vi bli?" came in 2004 and is out on CMF. Tristess played some even more chaotic shows this year and toured with the big rock stars in The International...

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